10,569 miles away

After my adventures in Singapore (which you can read all about here), I journeyed on to Sydney, Australia. Although in my 29 years I had never ventured to the land down under, I felt as though I knew the city already somewhat given my many, many friends who have emigrated there from the UK in recent years (and posted copious Insta-perfect pics from the country's many beautiful beaches!).


Sydney Harbour

I arrived in late November, right at the start of the Sydney summer. Having flown 8 hours from Singapore (and a total of 23 hours from London) it was strange landing in a place so physically far from home, so different in climate, yet with such a familiar feel. The language, the Uber, the Starbucks, and the fact that they drive on the left just like we do in the UK. 

I was lucky enough to be travelling with friends from Singapore (and visiting friends in Australia), so my first night was spent with great company eating and drinking delicious things at The Tilbury Hotel in Wooloomaloo. If you're looking for a splendid dinner venue with a group of friends, I can't recommend this place enough! Excellent service and delicious food which brought a (somewhat tired and jaded) traveller back to life!

In the days following, I found Sydney to be a beautiful place; a sprawling, sun-soaked and bustling city which has so much to see and do that you could easily spend a month on holiday there (and still run out of time to see everything on your bucket-list!)


Chin Chin - Surry Hills

Throughout my stay I wanted to explore as much as possible, and was fortunate enough to have some good friends to show me the best bits. Favourites moments included sipping cocktails at O Bar (a fabulous rotating bar/restaurant in the city centre, with breathtaking 360-degree views of Sydney, 47 stories high), dinner at the incredible Chin Chin in Surry Hills (an asian fusion restaurant with some of the tastiest food i've ever eaten), and visiting Manly exploring the secluded and charming Fairlight beach.


Bondi Beach

Naturally I also took a day to experience the glistening, glowing, sun-kissed seduction of Bondi beach (while mingling amongst its many beautiful inhabitants that also fall under the aforementioned description!). It was certainly an experience, and one that made me wish I'd put in a few extra hours at the gym!

As everyone knows, the sun is extremely strong in Australia and depending on your skin type you'll need a good SPF for any day at the beach. I used my Hawaiian Tropic Protective Sun Spray (SFP 20) while I was in Australia - which smells great and kept me nice and protected! 


I was also keen to discover some Aussie skincare products that I could take back home with me. One such item was Lucas' PaPaw Ointment - a brand with a history spanning over a century! It's made predominantly of fermented papaya which is grown and harvested in Queensland. It's an incredible one-stop shop that can be used to treat anything from minor burns and sunburn to cuts and insect bites, however also works well as a daily-lip balm (it's available in 200g and 75g tubs, as well as a handy pocket-sized 15g lip applicator). It's not on sale in shops in the UK, however you can find it on Amazon. 

I'm already planning my next trip to Sydney - it's a truly amazing place and there are so many things I didn't get round to doing while I was there. If you haven't been before, what are you waiting for? 


Wooloomaloo Wharf

Calvin Draper-Wright