ThatSkinGuy reviews: The Ordinary Caffeine Solution


Halfway through December and Christmas party silly season is in full-flow. It’s great fun but it might leave you feeling a little less than 100% when you wake up for work the next day! 

Drinking, partying and general lack of sleep inevitably takes it’s toll on your face - and one of the most obvious signs of tiredness and fatigue is dark circles around your eyes. 

I’ve been using this Caffeine Solution from the excellent Deciem's The Ordinary, which really helps reduce puffiness and pigmentation in that area.

Apply directly around the eye countour twice a day (in the morning and before bed) and it’ll definitely help you look that little bit fresher!

It’s really affordable (just £5.80 for 30ml) and comes with an easy to use applicator too 😁

Calvin Draper-Wright