Beat the chill: essentials to fix your face this winter


It’s time to admit it, the warm weather and beautiful Indian Summer is well and truly over (sadface). And although there are still lots of bright, crisp wintery days ahead, the recent drop in the mercury means you need to change up your skincare routine NOW!

From chapped lips and dry skin to dull, dreary complexions, your face is the first part of your body to feel the effects of the cold, so here are a few essentials that you should invest in this winter to look after that pretty face of yours…

A decent lip balm

Every year without fail, at the first sign of cold weather my lips dry up. It’s the most annoying and uncomfortable feeling, but luckily there are lots of affordable and effective lipbalms out there to help:

NIVEA original care lipbalm - £1.65 at Superdrug

Lightly scented, non-shiny and easy on your pocket, this is a great all-rounder which keeps lips smooth and protected. The formula also contains Shea Butter which helps to heal any chaps or cuts.

Burts Bees Beeswax Lipbalm - £3.99 at Boots

A timeless classic with 100% natural ingredients including vitamin E alongside lip-conditioning beeswax. Lightly fragranced with peppermint, and happily affordable.

A hydrating moisturizer with added extras

For most of the year I usually go for the lightest, most minimal moisturiser I can find, however when winter comes around you’re going to need something with a bit more oomph to keep your face protected and hydrated.

The Great British Grooming Company - Hydrating moisturizer with volcanic ash - £7.99 at Amazon.

Lightweight, smells great and infused with volcanic ash which hydrates dull-looking dry skin. It also soaks into your skin quickly leaving no residue or shine behind - this is one of my favourites.

A proper aftershave balm

If you usually splash your face with cold water, shave and run out of the house in the space of 5 minutes, it’s time for a change. If you’re shaving at this time of year, you NEED to get yourself a good aftershave balm to protect your freshly mown mug from the elements.

Molton Brown American Barley Post-shave Recovery Balm £22 at

Treat yourself to this little gem for super smooth and soft skin. As with pretty much anything from Molton Brown it smells incredible (scented with sandalwood and vanilla - yum!). At £22 it’s not cheap, but it has a luxurious, high quality feel and a little bit goes a long way, so it’ll last a while!

And eye-cream

With darker days and less vitamin D intake you can find dark circles under your eyes becoming more and more obvious. So do yourself a favour and invest in a decent eye cream to lend a helping hand.

Kiehls Age Defending Eye Cream - £30 at

This is a good one to use if you want something easy and lightweight which will work as you sleep. Apply just before bed and let it work it’s magic overnight!  

Calvin Draper-Wright