ThatSkinGuy reviews: Holland & Barrett charcoal tooth whitening powder


We’ve all seen them - the hundreds upon hundreds of products on the highstreet that promise to give you that picture perfect whiter-than-white smile. Over the years I’ve spent lots of time (and money!) trying out toothpastes, mouthwashes and whitening strips with limited results *sadface*. HOWEVER, I've just discovered something rather wonderful.

Charcoal has been THE ingredient of the moment for a variety of healthcare products over the past few years, and while you might have seen toothpastes containing charcoal in the shops, you might not have seen quite so many charcoal powders on the shelves. I stumbled upon this Tooth Whitening Powder with activated charcoal from Holland and Barrett recently. I’ve been using it for a few weeks and can honestly say I’ve noticed a difference. While it might seem a bit counter intuitive chucking a load of dark-grey powder on your teeth to whiten them, the oxidised charcoal actually works by binding itself to stains and discolouration on your surface of your teeth, and lifts everything away. The result is a natural whitening effect - and unlike other whitening products or kits, it doesn’t leave your teeth feeling sensitive or weaken the enamel.

You use a tiny amount twice per day (I mix mine in with my regular toothpaste, but you can just use it by itself as it’s got a nice peppermint flavour), brush for a few minutes then rinse off, and it'll leave your teeth feeling squeaky clean and bright. It’s also vegan friendly! 

This is usually £9.99 however it’s currently buy one get one half price at Holland And Barrett - definitely worth it if you and a friend want to give it a go!

Calvin Draper-Wright