ThatSkinGuy reviews: Dorco Razor


It's a lightweight and easy to use little gadget with a pivoting head and

non-slip handle

Whether you keep yourself clean shaven, grow out your goatee, or deliver the designer stubble look on a daily basis one thing's for sure: a good razor is a man's best friend. 

We've all been there - fighting against facial hair in the morning with those cheap and cheerful disposable razors (sigh). But if you really want to look your best, you'll need to invest in something a little more snazzy (and a LOT more effective).

I must admit I've been a bit slack buying razors recently, so happily the lovely people at Dorco sent me their new piece of kit to put through its paces (literally!). The Dorco Pace 6 Plus is a lightweight and easy to use little gadget with a pivoting head and non-slip handle - perfect for making yourself presentable in the morning. Its replaceable cartridges feature not one, not two, but SIX ultra sharp blades, and also have a precision trimmer on the back which will allow you to shape up your sideburns, beard or 'tash to a tee! I've been using this for the past few days and it delivers a really close, clean shave which leaves my skin feeling super smooth. 



All of this goodness comes in a bright and bold presentation box, and would make a really nice gift for a brother, dad or friend in need of shaving salvation! Most importantly, it feels sturdy and well made - imperative to avoid any nicks or cuts while you're using it.

A Dorco Pace 6 Plus with 4 x refill cartridges can be yours for £7.99 each - it's an investment that's going to last you AND they'll even deliver it direct to your door for free when you spend £15 - win! 

Calvin Draper-Wright