Goals (not "goalz")


I’ve been thinking a lot about setting and aiming for certain goals recently. And I mean goals, not 'goalz'. I feel like quite often, in this day and age the latter refers to you trying to look like, act like or be like somebody or something else. No - i'm talking about YOU. It doesn’t matter what your goal is - maybe you want that beach body for summer, or to start work on a new project, eat a little healthier, have a change in career or just switch up your daily routine. Whatever it is - be it superficial or world-changing - having goals is not only great for personal progression but also for your state of mind. 

We’ve all been there - there’s nothing worse than feeling stuck in a rut or a routine you aren’t really loving, and one of the things that can get you out of that is setting yourself a new goal (and putting as much time into achieving it as you can). It’s actually how I got started building this blog and my website - I needed to break my normal routine and to do something for me that I could own, be proud of and represent.

Of course, all of this is a lot easier said than done. Life happens and it can be hard to find time and energy to dedicate to something new. But a wise person (can’t remember who) once said that nothing worth having comes easy - and I really believe that. 


My personal goal at the moment is to get back to (and improve on) how I looked in summer 2016 when this pic was taken. 2017 was a bit of a rocky year for me for many reasons and as a result my nutrition, fitness and general state of mind suffered a bit. However, now things are a little more level i’m trying to focus on keeping healthy, motivated and balanced. 

What’s your goal for 2018? Whatever it is, do NOT give up! 

Calvin Draper-Wright