ThatSkinGuy reviews: Murdock Shaving Cream

Gents, this one is something a little bit special. I’d never tried a shaving ‘cream’ before - only ever shaving foams or gels from the usual highstreet brands, so when I was given this Murdock Shaving Cream last week i was intrigued to see what it would feel like.

The first thing that strikes you is the packaging…it just LOOKS good doesn’t it? It’s got a vintage-inspired look, like something that might have been passed down by a great-grandfather from the 20s. Very ‘classic British gent’. The tub proudly proclaims ‘MADE IN ENGLAND’ on the front, just incase you were wondering.

The second thing that hits you is the smell - it smells expensive, refined and luxurious. The cream itself is light, makes for a comfortable, soothing shave and your skin feels (and smells) delicious after using it.

Now, i said earlier that it smelled expensive. Cost-wise, this isn’t a cheap shaving option. A tub of Murdock will cost you around £34, however it will last you a long time (you only need to use a TINY amount per shave), so I’d say this would last at least 2 months if, like me, you’re shaving every few days. But if you can’t justify that in your shopping basket it’d also make a great gift, and after all…Christmas is coming!

So what’s the lowdown? Well…

I liked it because: It’s a well-presented, luxurious product that makes you feel (and smell) great.

Buy it if: You’re feeling a bit flush and want to treat yourself (or someone else who deserves it!)

You can grab yourself some Murdock Shaving Cream at, or on Amazon.

Calvin Draper-Wright