Miguel Dare - King of the dancefloor



Miguel Dare is a DJ, creative and all-round fabulous fashionista. He’s been filling dancefloors on the London club scene for years, and has worked with personalities including Paris Hilton and Ke$ha, as well as publications Vogue and i-D.

Miguel also hosts the monthly party ‘Get Lit’ which (by my own review) is one of the best nights in town, so I caught up with him to get a bit more insight into his life and year so far…

Hi Miguel, how’s it going?

Hey Hey! Relaxing! Going for a swim a little bit later - I love swimming a lot lately, it relaxes me. 

For anyone that doesn’t know you, tell us a little bit about what you do for work...
I DJ and host parties! I'm the ultimate host doing the most! I run two events at the moment 'GET LIT' at The Curtain - a private members hotel in Shoreditch, and also 'THE VELVET ROOM' at Clerkenwell Grind. It's so fun! I love it.

Was this what you always wanted to do growing up? How did you get started

Yes it was! Music was always my favourite. I remember recording myself on cassette tapes pretending to host my own radio show - presenting and selecting music. I also remember going to the local radio station where my sister's boyfriend worked at the time, and borrowing singles so I could take it home for an hour or two and secretly copy it! I was very cheeky!

As a DJ you’re out and about on the London party scene quite a bit - what are some of your favourite spots in this great city? 

I like Libertine in central London, where I host & DJ on the weekends - it's always fun and they have amazing music! I also really like my friend Sam Joseph's party called ILLICIT at the Ace Hotel!

…and is there anywhere that you’ve been that you’d NEVER go back to?!

Hmm not in particular but I think I'm over those east London raves! Im not too keen on techno, electro or house music, I find it hard to get into. Also, I don't enjoy going out to a massive, crowded clubs, they stress me out as I always get lost! I prefer smaller boutique clubs, member bars and more, let's say, intimate spaces!

Fancy, eh?! So we’re coming towards the end of the year, how has 2017 treated you?

I've loved it so far. I count my blessings and stay humble - I just appreciate everything I get. I'm a big dreamer but I also work really hard while being kind and courageous at the same time.

What’s been the highlight of the past year for you?

Hosting 'GET LIT' at The Curtain - it's so much fun and I get to party with my best friend and very talented stylist Alexis Knox.

Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 01.07.18.png

Here at ThatSkinGuy we always like to find out what you use on your face...are there any products you can’t live without?

I use this Polish brand called Ziaja, which I get from a Polish shops, or when I go back home! I've been using it all my life. They're super natural and seem so perfect for me. I use their goats milk moisturiser for daytime and the olive one for the night. 

What’s your number 1 skincare tip?

Drink lots of water and eat well! Also I think when you're stressed it really shows on your skin, so I try to relax and smile as much as I can.

I couldn't agree more! Appearance is a key part of your brand, but how does the way your skin looks affect your day-to-day life?

I'm always super relaxed about these things - it doesn't bother me even when I get a spot or two - I know they'll eventually disappear.

Finally, if there was one piece of advice that you’d give to your 18-year-old self, what would that be?

I'd pursue the acting career I always secretly dreampt of! Life's full of surprises so who knows, it might still happen one day!

Thanks Miguel! We're looking forward to throwing a few shapes at the next 'Get Lit', btw ;)


You can follow Miguel at www.instagram.com/migueldare, or find out more about 'Get Lit' at www.instagram.com/getlitlondon.  

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