Jamie Cullen - fashion forward

Jamie Cullen is a fashion and lifestyle blogger, as well as manager of national partnerships for a radio group. Always impeccably well-groomed and turned out, I wanted to catch up with Jamie to find out about his favourite outfits, skincare products and the inspiration behind his excellent blog...



Afternoon Jamie, how’s it going?

Really good thanks! Freezing cold, but ready for Christmas!

For anyone that doesn’t know you, tell us a little bit about what you do for work...

So my "day job" is a Content Solution Manager for Global Media and Entertainment Company - basically media partnerships for the likes of Capital FM and Heart. And then my own time job is a men's fashion and lifestyle blogger. Reading that back I've made it sound very superhero/villain like - selling media partnerships by day and leading a double life at night blogging 😂.

You sound like a busy man! You set up your fashion and lifestyle blog a while back and it looks fab! What inspired you to get started?

So I loved Instagram as a platform, but found that the majority of clothing that I was seeing on there didn't really have the styles I was going for. So either this meant I had horrific taste in clothing and no one wanted to dress like me, or that there just wasn't someone dressing how I dressed out there. I took the risk that it was the latter and just started posting various outfit shots and tagging where my clothes came from, and it started from there.

As a fashionable chap-about-town, do you have any fashion staples that you’ll wear regardless of the occasion?

I love a leather jacket - I think this is something every man should invest in. It's the jacket that you can wear all year round (let's face it we get one week of sun in England) and it gets better looking with age and wear! Real leather jackets can be expensive but I think on a cost per wear basis, and you'll easily get your monies worth.

And on a similar theme…what’s your favourite piece in your wardrobe?

I love outerwear, I've got some really cool pieces (well at least I think they're cool 😂) but one i love is a Suede Fringe jacket from Reclaimed Vintage - it's super Texan rock n roll and I love it.

Absolutely love Reclaimed Vintage! What appeals to you most… High Street, Designer or Vintage…and why?

Ah that's a real tough one. There's so much designer stuff I love but I just can't justify £225 on a t-shirt at all. I love being able to find designer inspired pieces on the high street, Zara and Topman do this really well.

Agreed - you can't go wrong with a bit of high street! Here at ThatSkinGuy we always like to find out what you use on your face...are there any products you simply can’t live without?

I love Keihl's products. I have oily skin but it's also dehydrated so I've got the whole range to help with that - from the wash to the toner. Their products are really fab, and you only need to use a little bit so they last ages! I really recommend finding out what skin type you have as products can vary so much no matter the brand.

You have lovely skin - what’s your number 1 tip to keep it in tip-top condition?

Ah thanks!! Well, I wear foundation (MAC Face and Body) , so 100% always take your makeup off - the first thing I do when I get in is wash my face. Not only to clean my skin from anything I've put on, but also there's so much dirt in London that clogs your pores. Also - if I wait till before bed I usually just get tired and can't be bothered so it is the first thing I do through the door then it's done.

Finally, if there was one piece of advice that you’d give to your 18-year-old self, what would that be?

Oh god - I think without sounding too emotional or soppy, that it's totally ok to be you and that you're going to grow and mature and the insecurities you have will soon be forgotten. Wear that loud print shirt if you want to. Wear Cuban heel boots if you want to. Just because you aren't in jeans and a polo top doesn't mean you don't have style.

Couldn't agree more! Thanks Jamie!

You can check out Jamie's blog at www.cullenjamie.com, or follow him on Instagram at www.instagram.com/cullenjamie


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