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Adam Theo is a presenter on London radio station Hoxton FM, where he hosts his hilarious live show UOKHun? every Monday afternoon. If (like me) you find Mondays a bit of a struggle, his show provides the perfect pick-me-up to get you through the afternoon. I caught up with Adam to find out how he got into radio, who his dream interview guest would be, and which songs are on his playlist at the moment…

Hey Adam, how’ve you been? 

I've been good thank you, just struggling through life, you know how it goes! I am definitely NOT ready for Christmas but all jokes aside I’m really good babes. 

You’ll be a familiar voice to many Londoners, but for anyone who hasn’t listened to your show, tell us a bit about how it goes down

You're too kind! Well for anyone who hasn't listened to UOkHun? It's an hour-long radio show that goes live every Monday online through various social media platforms. I would describe UOkHun? as a bit of throw away fluff that’s entertaining, easy to listen to and a quick escape from reality when you’re bored at your desk on a Monday afternoon (when you're wishing your work day was over). I always suggest having your head phones in, having the show open in a browser in the background and just pretend to type...your boss will never know and your secret will be safe with me!

What would you say is the best thing about hosting UOkHun?

Well UOkHun? was created because, put simply, I love to moan - so much so that the station owner decided it would make a good radio show. So i would say the best thing about the show (for me) is the fact that I can air all my frustrations with the listeners. I think most Brits love a moan, so who wouldn't want an uninterrupted hour to just get it all off your chest and let everyone have it! I find the process all very cathartic. 

You’ve previously worked at Gymbox and Barry’s Bootcamp  -  how did you make the move into radio and what inspired you to do it? 

Well fitness was always something that I kept coming back to throughout my twenties. Whilst travelling to and from the UK on different trips and travels, fitness was always flexible, fun and a sociable environment for me to be in so it made sense at the time, however i knew it wouldn't be something that stuck. Now into my thirties (I'm very young don't you know) I wanted to follow my first passion which was radio and presenting.  It’s so much fun and I thoroughly enjoy every show, it’-s always been my dream job and although its harder to work for yourself it’s much more rewarding then passing someone a rolled up towel!

Having listened to your show a few times I feel like I might already know the answer to the next question; but if you could have any celeb on your show, who would it be and why?

Two words - Gemma. Collins. - you know why!

We absolutely NEED to make that happen! And conversely, is there anyone that you would absolutely NEVER invite on to your show (feel free to name names!)

Firstly congrats on the use of the word conversely, I love that word. My ultimate nightmare would be Piers Morgan, I mean not that he would ever want to come on, so really it would work well for both of us. He is honestly so rude to the guests he interviews, I literally cannot bear him. But anyway Hi Piers! 


If i was to go through your iPhone right now, who would I see? (musicians, I mean!). Give me your last 3 songs played…

I've got a very eclectic taste in music..the last three songs I played are: 

Theo Kottis - It Wasn't Meant To Be.

Heavy K, Mondli Ngcobo - Mzwangendwa.

Rahhhh - Clouds.

All very random, but all very big tunes - I’m really making a conscious effort to source new music these days, so if you haven't heard these songs YouTube them, you’ll like them I promise.

How eclectic! Here at ThatSkinGuy I always want to know what you’re putting on your face - are there any products you absolutely can’t live without?

Dove soap, 100%! 

That's a true classic! As a strapping man-about-town do you ever feel pressure to look a certain way, or would you say you’re quite relaxed about appearance? 

Of course, however I wish i cared more than I do (I might look a lot better!) But really I'm pretty ok with looking like a bit of a mess sometimes!

What would be your number 1 skincare tip?

Drink lots of water and hydrate yourself! 

I hear that! And last but not least, if there was one thing you could tell your 18-year-old self, what would it be? 

Babe, if your gonna take your clothes off for money, make sure you get the money first. 

Absolutely! Damn right. Thanks Adam, and I’m really hoping that the universe sends G.C your way sometime soon for that interview! 

You can listen to Adam’s show UOkHun? on HoxtonFM every Monday at 4pm, and follow the official Instagram page at 

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